Studies in Text and Print Culture

This series focuses on up-to-date, text-specific, and text-theoretical approaches to the literature and culture of Britain, Europe, and America from the fifteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries. It publishes innovative scholarship that promotes an understanding of literature as closely related to, and informed by, other discursive forms, especially the multifarious visual cultures of a given time. Edited by Sandro Jung, Senior Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Annotation in Eighteenth-Century Poetry
Edited by Michael Edson - Contributions by Barbara M. Benedict; Thomas Van der Goten; David Hopkins; William Jones; Sandro Jung; Tom Mason; Mark A. Pedreira; Adam Rounce; Jeff Strabone; Alex Watson and Karina Williamson
Edited by Anne Marie Hagen - Contributions by Susan Alteri; Evelyn Arizpe; Tracy Cooper; Emma Davidson; Rebecca Davies; Jennifer Farrar; Anne Marie Hagen; Elspeth Jajdelska; Fiona McCulloch and Sue Walker
The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons
Edited by Sandro Jung and Kwinten Van De Walle with Contributions by Carson Bergstrom; Sandro Jung; Christopher R. Miller; John D. Morillo; Kate Parker; Juan Christian Pellicer; Alfred Sjödin; Tess Somervell; Kwinten Van De Walle and Thomas Van der Goten
Anglo-German Dramatic and Poetic Encounters
Edited by Michael Wood and Sandro Jung
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