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by Edited And Translated By Waltraud Maierhofer - Original Author Eveline Hasler - Translated By Jenniefer Vanderbeek - Introduction By Waltraud Maierhofer
by Teresa Ying Mulan - Edited By Francis Morgan - Translated By Francis Morgan
by Edited by Victoria McCollum and Aislinn Clarke
Bloody Women combines irreverence, an encyclopedic knowledge of film and the filmmaker’s craft, scholarly acuity, and a sense of humor. The contributors have buried the misogynistic stereotype of the horror genre. More than just another academic reading of pop culture, Clarke and McCollum have offered a gift to fans and a love letter to the women who shaped the genre. — W. Scott Poole, Department of History, College of Charleston
by Edited by Anne Marie Hagen - Contributions by Susan Alteri; Evelyn Arizpe; Tracy Cooper; Emma Davidson; Rebecca Davies; Jennifer Farrar; Anne Marie Hagen; Elspeth Jajdelska; Fiona McCulloch and Sue Walker
Placing Charlotte Smith
by Edited by Elizabeth A. Dolan and Jacqueline M. Labbe with Contributions by Melissa Bailes, Stephen Behrendt, Anne Chandler, Val Derbyshire, Elizabeth A. Dolan, Rachael Isom, Claire Knowles, Jacqueline M. Labbe, Mary Anne Myers and Lisa Vargo
Although she aspired to be a citizen of the world, Charlotte Smith spent her entire literary career as a displaced person constantly on the move and fixated on the anomalies of her status. In Placing Charlotte Smith, a set of uniformly insightful and incisive essays concentrate on the acute sense of place Smith cultivated as a marker across her disparate productions in poetry and prose. In its large compass and its refined erudition, this important volume reminds...
Seeing the Apocalypse: Essays on Bird Box
by Edited by Brandon R. Grafius and Gregory Stevenson
Bird Box was more than just a popular Netflix film, it was a global phenomenon. Seeing the Apocalypse: Essays on Bird Box brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to shed light on the ways the film connected with social anxieties around disability, community, technology, and other issues. This volume provides invaluable insights into not only Bird Box but also the broader trend of apocalyptic horror in the 21st century. — Kendall R. Phillips,...
Christian Social Activism and Rule of Law in Chinese Societies
by Edited by Fenggang Yang and Chris White
The vastly outsized role of Christians in Chinese political and social activism has presented a persistent puzzle. This timely volume provides the most revealing and wide-ranging answer to date. Highly recommended. — Xi Lian, David C. Steinmetz Distinguished Professor of World Christianity, Duke Divinity School
Our Osage Hills
by Michael Snyder AND John Joseph Mathews - Edited by Michael Snyder - Foreword by Russ Tall Chief and Harvey Payne
An important contribution to our understanding of the writer, the era, and, most significantly, the place: the Osage hills of Oklahoma. Michael Snyder has uncovered lost gems of John Joseph Mathew’s work and offers them in extraordinary bites, accompanied by his own interstitial essays that illuminate backstory and sociohistorical context. Coupled with his biography John Joseph Mathews: Life of an Osage Writer, this book affirms Snyder’s place as a significant...
by Edited by Harriet Kramer Linkin
In this scrupulously edited and carefully annotated collection of over 150 letters, Harriet Kramer Linkin brings to life the world of Irish author Mary Tighe. These letters reveal an intimate and often playful network of family, friends, and fellow writers in the two decades before the Regency. Tighe could be frank in her letters about difficult topics, from managing a dangerously intoxicated friend to fending off sexual harassment or describing the grisly details...
by John Thomas Scott
Scott offers a comprehensive and objective look at the Wesley Mission. His emphasis on personal relationships and professional interactions captures the complex nuances of this endeavor, and his close examination of this event in its time and place makes this book an important contribution to the literature of colonial Georgia. — Julie Anne Sweet, professor of History, Baylor University
Weird Mysticism
by Brad Baumgartner
Brad Baumgartner’s Weird Mysticism moves with freedom through three modern heretics: the irreal hell of Thomas Ligotti, the impossible purgatory of Georges Bataille, and the pessimal paradise of E. M. Cioran. The music that emerges is a quiet friendly imperative to laugh in the face of the void and an indelible new vision of the inevitable impossibility of writing itself. — Nicola Masciandaro, Professor of English at Brooklyn College (CUNY)
by Christopher K. Coffman
This is a brilliant book, whose scope ranges beyond literary criticism, even as it excels at it. Coffman combines luminous close-reading with well-digested, comprehensive theoretical background to analyze the way very different writers address the colonial past and pre-conquest history, questioning the often unacknowledged preconceptions that still underlie our contemporary views. . . . This critical reprise of how writers revise their mythologized, national,...
Fiddled out of Reason
by John William Knapp
John William Knapp's study of Addison and hymnic verse is lucid, learned, and important. It reminds us of the great value of a wrongly neglected author's achievements in a wrongly neglected genre. — Howard D. Weinbrot, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Anglo-German Dramatic and Poetic Encounters
by Edited by Michael Wood and Sandro Jung
In this volume, illuminating essays by both preeminent authorities and up-and-coming scholars persuasively challenge prevailing concepts of cultural exchange, its conditions, and results, applying a broad spectrum of methods from German and British literary studies, comparative and translation studies, biography, and computational text analysis. — Waltraud Maierhofer, professor of German, University of Iowa
Life on Muskrat Creek
by Ethel Waxham Love and J. David Love - Edited by Frances Love Froidevaux and Barbara Love
A Gil Vicente Bibliography (2005–2015)
by Constantin C. Stathatos
The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons
by Edited by Sandro Jung and Kwinten Van De Walle with Contributions by Carson Bergstrom; Sandro Jung; Christopher R. Miller; John D. Morillo; Kate Parker; Juan Christian Pellicer; Alfred Sjödin; Tess Somervell; Kwinten Van De Walle and Thomas Van der Goten
The collection brings together a brilliant series of interrelated essays by international scholars on the most pressing questions to be asked about The Seasons today: What kind of work is it, georgic, loco-descriptive, or a novel hybrid amalgam of poetic kinds? How should it be compared to the other long poems that come before and after it? How does the poem reconfigure the animal and vegetable world into an expression of plenitude at once religious and erotic?...
by Steven Berbeco
Case Method and the Arabic Teacher provides an outstanding research-based resource for methodology classes and other Arabic teacher training programs. — Wafa Hassan, Director of the STARTALK Arabic Teachers' Program, Director of the Arabic Language and Culture Program at Global Educational Excellence, and Director of the Michigan Arabic Teachers' Council
The “War Scrap Book” of Matilda Joslyn Gage
by Edited by Peter Svenson - Foreword by Sally Roesch Wagner
[The Civil War] period is understudied in women’s suffrage history, being explained away as the time women suspended their women’s rights work to further the war effort – but only if it was fought to end slavery. This manuscript gives a face to that analysis, it fleshes it out and personalizes it. It is as though we are sitting beside Matilda Joslyn Gage as she reads the newspapers, pointing out and reading aloud to us the articles that she sees as most important...
 The Lovecraftian Poe: Essays on Influence, Reception, Interpretation, and Transformation
by Sean Moreland - Contributions by Alissa Burger; Michael Cisco; Dan Clinton; Brian Johnson; S.T. Joshi; John Langan; Murray Leeder; Juan L. Pérez de Luque; Sławomir Studniarz; Miles Tittle; Robert H. Waugh; Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock and Ben Woodard
Annotation in Eighteenth-Century Poetry
by Edited by Michael Edson - Contributions by Barbara M. Benedict; Thomas Van der Goten; David Hopkins; William Jones; Sandro Jung; Tom Mason; Mark A. Pedreira; Adam Rounce; Jeff Strabone; Alex Watson and Karina Williamson
For those already beguiled by the “footnote world,” Annotation in Eighteenth-Century Poetry will deepen that enchantment. At the same time, Edson’s collection represents an interesting challenge to literary historians; partly in its conceptual and methodological familiarity and partly for the draw of its “quirky particularism,” it offers a model of literary history that not only opens onto a network of eclectic nodes, but one that might be well-positioned in a...
The Publishing and Marketing of Illustrated Literature in Scotland, 1760–1825
by Sandro Jung
A landmark treatment of eighteenth-century Scottish print and literature, introducing the micro-history of book-illustration to the area. — Gerard Carruthers, Francis Hutcheson Professor of Scottish Literature, University of Glasgow
John Updike's Pennsylvania Interviews
by Edited by James Plath
James Plath is one of the premier authorities on John Updike's work and days. Professor Plath's earlier book, Conversations with John Updike, is the most quoted book in Updike studies. I have no doubt that Native Son: John Updike's Pennsylvania Interviews will be equally invaluable to our understanding of the great and complex writer. — Donald J. Greiner, Carolina Distinguished Professr of English, Emeritus, University of South Carolina
Liberty in Jane Austen’s Persuasion
by Kathryn E. Davis
Davis's highly readable, well-researched book offers a fresh view of Austen's final complete novel by placing the work's discussion of liberty and personal freedom within the context of Enlightenment philosophical debates and religious traditions deeply rooted in the past. Literary scholars and laypeople alike will find much to admire in Davis's careful reading of Persuasion. — Roger Moore, Vanderbilt University
Faith and Slavery in the Presbyterian Diaspora
by Edited by William Harrison Taylor and Peter C. Messer
by James M. Scythes
This is a well-done volume . . . . The contextual information is both detailed and useful because the author is interested in Howell as both a Civil War officer and as young man coming of age . . . . Researchers will find some gems, and general readers will appreciate how Scythes has managed to effectively tell the story of this young man and his comrades. —George C. Rable, Professor Emeritus, the University of Alabama
Nietzche: The Meaning of Earth
by Lucas Murrey
Lucas Murrey has produced a visionary adaptation of the Nietzschean Dionysiac to illuminate the dysfunctionality of twenty-first century capitalism. --Richard Seaford, University of Exeter
James Thomson's The Seasons, Print Culture, and Visual Interpretation, 1730–1842
by Sandro Jung
Published as the inaugural volume in the author’s series Studies in Text and Print Culture at Lehigh University Press, this interdisciplinary and profusely illustrated monograph sheds light on an iconographic corpus that is as broad as it is complex: visual representations of James Thomson’s poem The Seasons. . . . Steeped in literary and book-historical theories, the refined prose of this monograph is surprisingly readable, and the wealth of illustrations...
Africa: What It Gave Me, What It Took from Me
by Margarethe von Eckenbrecher, Edited and Translated with Introduction by David P. Crandall, Hans-Wilhelm Kelling, and Paul E. Kerry
Lehigh University Press - Adalbert Ortiz
by Marvin A. Lewis
Marvin Lewis makes a determined case for including Adalberto Ortiz in the literary canon of Latin American and diasporan studies. His study encompasses the major genres in Ortiz’s literary production, with detailed analysis of individual works in each genre. . . .[R]eaders come away with a very good grasp of the major outlines, thematic content, and trajectory of Ortiz’s work. --Arthur Hughes, Ohio University, Research in African Literatures
Lehigh University Press - Zen and the White Whale
by Daniel Herman
Melville scholars have long been fascinated and challenged by just how deeply the author of Moby-Dick pondered and drew on the traditions of Buddhism. Certainly none have worked that vein with the knowledge and alert commitment Daniel Herman now brings to the question. Zen and the White Whale compellingly, deftly, and wittily argues Buddhism close to the center of Melville's imaginative span. --Vincent O'Sullivan, Victoria University of Wellington
by Anne Swartz
[T]his books paints a vivid picture of the musical world of nineteenth-century Russia and shows how profoundly the domestic-built piano influenced that world. English-speakers can be grateful that Swartz, fluent in Russian, has brought us closer to understanding a world hitherto unknown to Westerners. I hope this book will be a springboard for further research on many fronts. --American Musical Instrument Society
by Emron Esplin, editor; Margarida Vale de Gato, editor
The editors have done a terrific job commissioning essays from a wide range of international scholars who combine expertise on the works of Edgar Allan Poe with intelligent thinking about translation and reception in their own cultural and literary contexts. This book is a model for what can be done when translation studies and comparative and world literature studies come together productively so that the shaping power of translation in individual literatures is...
by John M. Craig
Supported by an exhaustive list of sources, the author persuasively shows that the Klan was extremely active in the area. Relying heavily on newspaper accounts and trial records, he explains that the Klan’s early emphasis on almost theatrical gestures (going masked to churches or civic meetings to present checks, burning crosses on hills, holding large parades) allowed it to rapidly attract members, especially a surprisingly high percentage of young men. . . ....
A Search for Meaning in Victorian Religion: The Spiritual Journey and Esoteric Teachings of Charles Carleton Massey
by Jeffrey D. Lavoie
[This book] provides new perspectives on how esoteric religion moved internationally in the nineteenth century. In particular, it sheds new light on the exchange of the philosophies of Britain with both Germany and France. . . . It belongs on the bookshelves of anyone interested in Western Esotericism. --Lori Lee Oates, University of Exeter
Lehigh University Press - John Updike's Early Years
by Jack De Bellis
Lehigh University Press - Thew New American Poetry
by John R. Woznicki, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Gardens of a Chinese Emperor
by Victoria M. Cha-Tsu Siu and with the posthumous assistance of Kathleen L. Lodwick
Lehigh University Press - Jane Austen and the Arts
by Natasha Duquette , ed. and Elisabeth Lenckos, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Law and Medicine
by Linda Myrsiades
Law and Medicine in Revolutionary America offers a brilliant reading of a crucial, if largely overlooked, event in early American law and medicine. Myrsiades’s deft handling of sources and her trenchant analysis of the 1799 Rush-Cobbett trial offer new insight into freedom of the press, the medical marketplace, the legal system, and the politics of the early republic. --Marcia D. Nichols, University of Minnesota Rochester
Lehigh University Press - The Notorious Sir John Hill
by George Rousseau
Rousseau's study of Sir John Hill is a once-in-a-lifetime treasure; beautifully told, splendidly illustrated, and painstakingly researched. John Hill comes alive in Rousseau's hands. Every page is invigorated with the kind of richness and depth only a true scholar musters. One of the true pleasures of the book is our ability to join Rousseau on the quest to find the answer to the question that began as 'Who was Sir John Hill?' --Beverly Schneller, University...
Lehigh University Press - Poe's Pervasive Influence
by Barbara Cantalupo, ed.
Poe’s Pervasive Influence is the long-awaited collection that grew out of the Third International Poe Conference in 2009, sponsored by the Poe Studies Association to celebrate the bicentennial of Poe’s birth. [Its] essays have a freshness that warrants the careful attention of those drawn to the international scope of Poe’s work—as well as to Poe’s potential to influence more generally. . . . The volume coheres in a way that is rare for published proceedings,...
Lehigh University Press - Harriet Martineau
by Deborah A. Logan, ed.
This extraordinary volume is a magnificent addition to the new scholarship on Harriet Martineau....This work is strongly recommended, without reservation, for all college, university, and research libraries. Logan’s wide interdisciplinary scholarship, her obvious devotion to Harriet Martineau and the Victorian world in which she lived, and her uncompromising attention to accuracy are marvels to behold. --Sociological Origins
Lehigh University Press - Humanism and Style
by Clarence H. Miller and Jerry Harp, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Reading Asian Art and Artifacts
by Paul K. Nietupski, ed. and Joanf O'Mara, ed.
Lehigh University Press - China's Saints
by Anthony E. Clark
Clarke's work is important research, in that hither to little know or largely forgotten histories have now been gathered together for the perusal, and benefit, of all. The work will be of interest to teachers and students of religious studies, Asian and Chinese history and cultural studies, amount others. --Fr. Jeremy Clarke S.J., The Chinese Historical Review
Lehigh University Press - The Life of Pennsylvania Governor George M. Leader
by Kenneth C. Wolensky and Governor George M. Leader
 Out of Steam: Dieselization and American Railroads, 1920-1960
by Jeff Schramm
This is an excellent, comprehensive work….Out of Steam is a valuable reference work on the steam to diesel transition period, and students of motive power will want to own it. --Railfan and Railroad
Lehigh University Press - Self, Community, World
by Heikki Lempa, ed. and Paul Peucker, ed.
Each of the essays in Self, Community, World explores the fascinating paradoxes of a dynamic religious organization that both reflected and resisted the culture of the Enlightenment. It is a welcome contribution to the growing body of literature on the Moravians of the eighteenth century. --Craig D. Atwood, Moravian Theological Seminary
Lehigh University Press - Bernhard Karlgen
by N. G. D. Malmqvist
Lehigh University Press - The Ordeal of Thomas Barton
by James P. Myers
Myers' exploration of Thomas Barton's life demonstrates the important and challenging work of Anglican missionaries on the colonial American frontier. Combining political intrigue, ecumenical outreach, and an intellectual pragmatism born from the marriage of Enlightenment ideals and frontier exigencies, James P. Myers' biography of Thomas Barton will undoubtedly prove both useful and entertaining to students of colonial Anglicanism and early American religious...
Lehigh University Press - Music, Women, and Pianos in Antebellum Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
by Jewel A. Smith
Music, Women, and Pianos is a thoughtful, thoroughly researched study of the Moravian Young Ladies’ Seminary and its status as a site for the musical education of young women in the early and mid-nineteenth century. Smith provides interesting analyses of the types of music that young women performed, the kinds of instruments that they had at their disposal, and the motivations, ideals, hopes, and anxieties of the schools’ founders, managers, teachers, and students...
Lehigh University Press - Thomas Barclay (1728-1793)
by Priscilla H. Roberts and Richard S. Roberts
Lehigh University Press - Backcountry Crucibles
by Jean R. Soderlund, ed. and Catherine S. Parzynski, ed.
Lehigh University Press - The Lost Equilibrium
by Bettie M. Smolansky, ed. and Oles M. Smolansky, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Revelation
by Stan A. Lindsay
Lehigh University Press - One Woman Determined to Make a Difference
by Alice Duffy Rinehart, ed. and Anne Taylor Bronner, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Wings for an Embattled China
by W. Langhorne Bond and James E. Ellis, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Theatre in Belfast, 1736-1800
by John C. Greene
Lehigh University Press - Teletext
by Leonard R. Graziplene
Lehigh University Press - The Genesis of Methodism
by Frederick Dreyer
Lehigh University Press - John Wesley and Marriage
by Bufford W. Coe
Lehigh University Press - B.F. Skinner and Behaviorism in American Culture
by Laurence D. Smith, ed. and William R. Woodward, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Life on a Mexican Ranche
by Margaret Maud McKellar and Dolores L. Latorre, ed.
Lehigh University Press - History of the Aberdites
by Christoph Martin Wieland, Translated with Introduction and Annotations by Max Dufner
Lehigh University Press - Science at Harvard University
by Clark A. Elliot, ed. and Margaret W. Rossiter, ed.
Lehigh University Press - New World, New Technologies, New Issues
by Stephen H. Cutcliffe, ed., Steven L. Goldman, ed., Manuel Medina, ed. and Jose Sanmartin, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Literature and Technology
by Mark L. Greenberg, ed. and Lance Middle Schachterle, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Economics and Politics of Turkish Liberalization
by Tevfik F. Nas, ed. and Mehmet Odekon, ed.
Lehigh University Press - America Views China
by Jonathan Goldstein, ed., Jerry Israel, ed. and Hilary Conroy, ed.
Lehigh University Press - My Life with the Printed Circuit
by Paul Eisler and Mari Williams, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Science, Technology, and Social Justice
by Steven L. Goldman, ed.
Lehigh University Press - A Literary History of New England
by Perry D. Westbrook
Lehigh University Press - Maxwell on Heat and Statistical Mechanics
by Elizabeth Garber, ed., Stephen G. Brush, ed. and C. W.F. Everitt, ed.
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