Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a book?

Lehigh University Press publications can be purchased from Rowman and Littlefield. Please visit their webpage at:

Or, contact them by phone or fax:

Customer Service / Order Fulfillment

Toll free: (800) 462-6420
Local: (717) 794-3800
FAX: (800) 338-4550
Local FAX: (717) 794-3803

I have a manuscript. Will you consider it?

LUP does not publish fiction, poetry, or textbooks. We are an academic press publishing the results of original research. We look for monographs that are clearly conceived, sharply focused, thoroughly researched, logically organized, fully documented, and crisply written.

If you have a manuscript that is nonfiction, intellectually substantive, and whose format conforms to The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed., we would be pleased to receive electronically a proposal accompanied by a cover letter, a brief but current curriculum vitae, a sample chapter, and our Manuscript Information Sheet. If we are interested in your manuscript topic, we will invite you to send us all of the manuscript.

How will I know you want to publish my book?

No firm commitment to publish can be made unless a manuscript is complete; has been reviewed by two scholars in the field; has a plan for revision created by the author in accordance with the reviewer's comments; and been approved, pending these revisions, by the Lehigh University Press Editorial Board. Once the Board has given its approval "pending revision," a contract can be issued. We will inform you which Board meeting will consider your manuscript and contact you with the board's decision following that meeting.

Why such a long process?

The approval process is multi-tiered to ensure quality. Scholars in the field are sought to review the manuscript. Once an author knows the reviewers' evaluations, he or she is invited to respond/react in writing and to formulate a plan for revision. Revised manuscripts are presented to the Editorial Board comprised of Lehigh faculty members. Approved manuscripts are sent to Rowman & Littlefield for production. Even with approval at all those levels, ultimate approval rests with R&L, who for a number of production and legal conditions may decline to put a book into production. The process may seem unduly time consuming, but we feel it means that only the highest quality manuscripts are published.

How can I place an article or take out an ad?

If you are seeking the campus newspaper, please contact the Brown and White at (610) 758-5846.

How do I get a review copy?

As with sales, Rowman & Littlefield handles distribution of review copies. Review copies are available to review editors and reviewers. Copies will be sent to publications entirely at R&L's discretion. For any questions regarding review copies, please e-mail with your name, affiliation, and contact information.

Do you use copyeditors and indexers?

Copyediting is done by Rowman & Littlefield. Those seeking such work should apply directly to them.

Indexing is the responsibility of our authors, but we are glad to keep indexers' resumes on file for their reference and information.

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