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The Studies in Health Humanities series is accepting proposals for innovative, timely, and robustly theorized monographs that advance our understanding of the diverse representational and cultural practices associated with health, illness, embodiment and care.
Established in 2020, this new series welcomes research from scholars at any stage in their career working in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. We seek projects that reflect the diversity of topics, issues, and communities that compriseor invent new futures for—the field of health humanities broadly conceived.
By decentering medicine as a professional and educational context for such work, Studies in Health Humanities explores the fraught, often deeply ideological, lineaments of health and its proxies. This series investigates the past and present workings of health in situated contexts including local or global spaces, public or private systems, virtual or digital realms, and political intimacies.
We are especially interested in proposals that explore how health related issues are informed by broader structures concerning race and racialization, (neo)colonial legacies, environmental and climate concerns, science and technology, and caregiving and community work.
Above all, Studies in Health Humanities asks readers to reimagine the critical study of “health,” considering what it can—or should be—in the multiply precarious conditions of the twenty-first century.
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Studies in Health Humanities Editorial Board


Series Editor: Dr. Andrea Charise, University of Toronoto at Scarborough                          Series Editor: Dr. Lorenzo Servitje, Lehigh University

Michael Blackie, Senior Consulting Editor, University of Illinois
Olivia Banner, University of Texas at Dallas
Catherine Belling, Northwestern University
Rebecca Garden, SUNY, Upstate Medical 
Esther Jones, Clark University
Erin Gentry Lamb, Case Western Reserve
Travis Lau, Kenyon College
Lan Li, Rice University
Shelley Wall, University of Toronto 
Maryam Golafshani, University of Toronto
Sayantani DasGupta, Columbia University, NY
Aparna Nair, University of Oklahoma
Daniel Goldberg, University of Colorado



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