Our Osage Hills
by Michael Snyder AND John Joseph Mathews - Edited by Michael Snyder - Foreword by Russ Tall Chief and Harvey Payne
by Edited by Harriet Kramer Linkin
Life on Muskrat Creek
by Ethel Waxham Love and J. David Love - Edited by Frances Love Froidevaux and Barbara Love
A Gil Vicente Bibliography (2005–2015)
by Constantin C. Stathatos
The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons
by Edited by Sandro Jung and Kwinten Van De Walle with Contributions by Carson Bergstrom; Sandro Jung; Christopher R. Miller; John D. Morillo; Kate Parker; Juan Christian Pellicer; Alfred Sjödin; Tess Somervell; Kwinten Van De Walle and Thomas Van der Goten
The “War Scrap Book” of Matilda Joslyn Gage
by Edited by Peter Svenson - Foreword by Sally Roesch Wagner
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