Literature and Literary Criticism

by Edited by Harriet Kramer Linkin
A Gil Vicente Bibliography (2005–2015)
by Constantin C. Stathatos
The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons
by Edited by Sandro Jung and Kwinten Van De Walle with Contributions by Carson Bergstrom; Sandro Jung; Christopher R. Miller; John D. Morillo; Kate Parker; Juan Christian Pellicer; Alfred Sjödin; Tess Somervell; Kwinten Van De Walle and Thomas Van der Goten
 The Lovecraftian Poe: Essays on Influence, Reception, Interpretation, and Transformation
by Sean Moreland - Contributions by Alissa Burger; Michael Cisco; Dan Clinton; Brian Johnson; S.T. Joshi; John Langan; Murray Leeder; Juan L. Pérez de Luque; Sławomir Studniarz; Miles Tittle; Robert H. Waugh; Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock and Ben Woodard
Annotation in Eighteenth-Century Poetry
by Edited by Michael Edson - Contributions by Barbara M. Benedict; Thomas Van der Goten; David Hopkins; William Jones; Sandro Jung; Tom Mason; Mark A. Pedreira; Adam Rounce; Jeff Strabone; Alex Watson and Karina Williamson
John Updike's Pennsylvania Interviews
by Edited by James Plath
by Emron Esplin, editor; Margarida Vale de Gato, editor
Lehigh University Press - John Updike's Early Years
by Jack De Bellis
Lehigh University Press - Jane Austen and the Arts
by Natasha Duquette , ed. and Elisabeth Lenckos, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Thew New American Poetry
by John R. Woznicki, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Poe's Pervasive Influence
by Barbara Cantalupo, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Harriet Martineau
by Deborah A. Logan, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Humanism and Style
by Clarence H. Miller and Jerry Harp, ed.
Lehigh University Press - Bernhard Karlgen
by N. G. D. Malmqvist
Lehigh University Press - Theatre in Belfast, 1736-1800
by John C. Greene
Lehigh University Press - History of the Aberdites
by Christoph Martin Wieland, Translated with Introduction and Annotations by Max Dufner
Lehigh University Press - Literature and Technology
by Mark L. Greenberg, ed. and Lance Middle Schachterle, ed.
Lehigh University Press - A Literary History of New England
by Perry D. Westbrook
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